Our Philosophy: Modern Mortgage Advice Requires Old-Fashioned Accountability Read About Our Values

We Value Accountability

Mortgage shoppers are too often made to choose between great rates and objective advice. We strongly feel that our clients should have access to the best rates, terms and solutions with the least runaround and haggling. We also believe that borrowers value accountability during (and between) every mortgage transaction they make - that's why we strive to be the only number to call when a mortgage need or question arises. 

"Aaron, you should call Jake”...

This introduction was the seed, planted in the spring of 2014 by mortgage industry legend Meini Ickert, that became our team. Meini saw that we both shared extensive experience in real estate lending (now at 15 and 13 year respectively) that had given us respect for how unique each client’s needs can be. We spent the early part of our careers at various positions within traditional banks, but grew frustrated with the limited solutions presented by only having access to one lender. After going at brokering alone for several years, we joined forces in the summer of 2014 and haven’t looked back since.  

When “mortgage” comes up at Thanksgiving dinner, we want you to say “I’ve got someone”...

We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and referral partners. While decisions will often be obvious and the approval process will normally be straightforward, sometimes good advice will mean saying "don't" or discouraging a transaction that would otherwise be in our best interest to complete. The reality is that real estate financing is not a one-and-done business; mortgages are renewed, ported and refinanced as sure as time marches on. We believe our business will only grow if our clients are comfortable that we’re providing solid and reliable advice.

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