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Condo Mortgage Rates

Most Canadian lenders don't make a distinction between mortgage rates for condominiums and other types of properties, although there will sometimes be rates exclusive to non-strata homes. Still, many lenders will have certain restrictions around financing for minimum square footage, unique ownership structures, time-shares and co-ops. Underwriters will always take the monthly maintenance fee (or in some cases half of it) into consideration when calculating your affordability ratios, so in many cases your maximum pre-approval amount may be less for a condo when compared to a house. 

Below you will find a sampling of the best mortgage rates for condominiums currently available in Canada. If your condo is a rental unit, you can find associated rates here

Condo Purchase Rates | 90 Days and Longer

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As always - if you're looking for advice on financing your condo unit but can't find the answer you're looking for, just ask!